Redthreaded Blog

  • Feature Friday: Renaissance Fabrics

    Online fabric shopping is a trial at the best of times. Finding just the right pattern or print can be frustrating, and add to that the extra challenge of finding something appropriate for a historical project…But this month’s feature to the rescue! Renaissance Fabrics specializes in natural-fiber fabrics for all your historically inspired projects.

  • Feature Friday: Shocking Bad Hats

    Founded in 2012, Shocking Bad Hats is the place to find all your extravagant and fabulous millinery needs! The shop specializes in late 18th century and early 19th century styles but also has a wide range of hats and bonnets from a variety of other time periods. Styles include everything from the Regency to the 1920s and even historically-inspired fantasy creations.

  • Feature Friday: Penny River, LLC

    This month’s featured business, Penny River, LLC, specializes in historical accessories and sewing supplies, and their kits, in particular, are fan favorites. Owner Jess knows that there is nothing quite so satisfying as a well-stocked kit, so each one in the shop comes with everything you need to start making the project immediately, including pins, thread, needles, pre-cut pieces, etc.

  • Feature Friday: Black Snail Patterns

    It seems a universal rule of sewing is that one can never have enough patterns. Even with an overflowing stash, the right one is never there when you need it for a specific project. So if you haven’t heard of this month’s business before, it’s time to add them to your shopping list for just those moments!
  • Feature Friday: Decades of Style Patterns

    With cozy season in full swing, many of us are planning our winter wardrobe projects, and this month’s featured  business will certain spark some inspiration! For over 15 years, Decades of Style has been providing high-quality reproduction sewing patterns, perfect for your vintage or modern closet.
  • Feature Friday: In the Long Run Designs

    It all started with a regency dress, but since then, In the Long Run Designs has expanded to encompass a wide range of art forms—cosplay, historical costuming, photography projects, and a small business specializing in historically inspired jewelry and accessories.
  • Feature Friday: Sewn Company

    “Remember what your hands can do.” Sewn Company’s motto reflects its central mission—"to reconnect you to yourself, your past ,and your global community with a needle and thread.”  

    Owner Sarah E. Woodyard has taken her decade of experience of sewing and interpreting at the Margaret Hunter Shop in Colonial Williamsburg and applied these historic techniques to modern practice, providing education and inspiration to encourage and promote a love of hand sewing.
  • Feature Friday: Beatrice Forms

    Draping can be quite a challenge for both everyday garment making and historical costuming. Standard forms never perfectly replicate the human body, and without a second pair of hands, it can be difficult to drape a pattern on yourself. But this month’s featured business has a new solution for this problem.
  • Feature Friday: Romantic Recollections

    Trimmings are often the most exciting and eye-catching part of an outfit, and this month’s featured business offers everything from patterns to kits to classes on a variety of techniques, perfect for your next project!
  • Feature Friday: Black Orchid Atelier

    One silver lining to come out of the past year is the increased availability and accessibility of online education, and this month’s feature is the perfect example of this! In early 2021, Black Orchid Atelier launched the Costume Skills Institute, a platform dedicated to helping costumers of all levels learn and grow.
  • Feature Friday: Dames a la Mode

    When it comes to accessorizing yourself are you a magpie? Do you enjoy all things sparkly and all things historical? Then this month’s featured business is perfect for you! Dames a la Mode is the go-to place for all your jewelry needs, and while her designs are based on extant pieces and period images, they also blend beautifully into a modern wardrobe.


  • Feature Friday: Dandy Wellington

    Entertainer. Musician. Style activist. This month’s feature is one of the most fashionable and talented people in the vintage community and beyond. Bandleader Dandy Wellington is known for both his jazz music and his colorful and classic wardrobe.