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  • Feature Friday: Custom Wig Company

    Good hair is like the cherry on top of a great costume, but what if your own hair isn’t right for the look and an off-the-rack wig just won’t do? Enter this month’s feature! Custom Wig Company takes wig making to a whole new level, elevating it to true artistry! Each wig is built by hand for a bespoke-quality piece that not only reflects the individual but also perfectly complements their outfit.
  • Feature Friday: Tiger Lily's Threads

    Whether it’s a stunning fantasy ball gown or a meticulously crafted historical accessory, this month’s feature shows off her creativity and talent in a myriad of ways! Though she only launched her shop a few years ago, Nastassia of Tiger Lily’s Threads has been creating beautiful things for far longer.

  • Custom Order Deposit Slots Open This Friday!

    Goodness, sorry about the email that went out yesterday! Apparently scheduling emails is hard. Just when you think you're successfully fooling eve...
  • Style Discontinuation and Custom Order Updates

    May is your last chance to purchase 1690s stays from us.
  • Feature Friday Elaine's Couture

    With dreamy and evocative photography­—and even dreamier creations—exploring the Instagram and website for this month’s feature is an inspirational feast for the eyes!

  • Feature Friday: ETquette

    The Belle Epoque is known for elegant fashions and exaggerated silhouettes that marry naturalistic designs with artistic flair, and if you are looking to add some of those graceful, sweeping lines to your own wardrobe (historical or modern), this month’s feature is the perfect place to start.

  • Feature Friday: Armour And Castings

    Often the details that make a historical outfit truly feel like it has stepped out of a portrait are the accessories. Things like period appropriate jewelry can add that final touch pulls the whole look together, that makes it feel both realistic and lived-in, and this month’s feature is dedicated to making beautiful and affordable historically accurate accessories that will compliment either your historical or modern wardrobe!

  • Feature Friday: Empire Shawls

    Winter weather is here, and with chilly temps and snowy days, warm accessories are even more important. But what if they were historically accurate and fashionable too? This month’s featured business, Empire Shawls, combines the best of both to keep you toasty in your historical kit and your daily life!

  • Event Announcement: Philadelphia Trunk Show February 27th

    This is a limited-attendance event. Full details and ticket reservations on Eventbrite.
  • Event Announcement: Trunk show in Williamsburg, VA - February 24 & 25

    We are thrilled to be returning to Williamsburg, VA for our first fitting trunk show in four years. See our Eventbrite page for all event details ...
  • Feature Friday: Crow's Eye Productions

    With high production values and exquisitely researched costumes, this month’s feature makes some of the most beautiful and educational videos on Youtube! Their videos cover a wide range of eras—from Roman to Regency and more— and are always gorgeously shot and styled. Not only are they filmed in perfect historical locations to match the era, with furniture and accessories to add ambience, but the actors are also always perfectly turned out in period appropriate hair and makeup. The attention to detail is truly impressive!
  • Feature Friday: Holiday Edition

    Make yourself a festive beverage and pull up a cozy chair, it’s time for our annual holiday edition of Feature Friday!