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  • Feature Friday: Holiday Edition

    Make yourself a festive beverage and pull up a cozy chair, it’s time for our annual holiday edition of Feature Friday!

  • Upcoming Events & Custom Order Update

    Custom Order Update We know folks have been wondering when custom order deposits listings will reopen. Due to overwhelming interest, we no longer m...
  • Feature Friday: Morgana Fae Couture

    It’s more important than ever to extend the use of our garments and textiles, and this month’s featured business is dedicated to giving antique and vintage pieces a second life! Morgana Fae Couture is a treasure trove of upcycled and one-of-a-kind historically inspired clothing, perfect for everyday wear or history-bounding outfits!
  • Introducing the Evergreen Stays - Limited Edition Fashion Stays

    The Evergreen Fashion Stays feature a new, historically inspired shape perfect for historybounding, renfair visits, and special occasions (like a r...
  • Feature Friday: Atelier Slyphe

    While a historical time period had a general fashionable silhouette,  corsets of that period came in a wide variety of interesting styles and shapes—both as a way to fit a wide variety of bodies but also to cater to new trends and fads. And if you are looking for something a little unusual like this for your next corset make, this month’s featured business is the place to find it! (In fact, Redthreaded even uses one of these patterns for our Greta Corset in our Atelier line!)

  • Feature Friday: Baseborn

    While we here at Redthreaded focus on corsetry, what you wear under your stays can be just as important, and this month’s feature, Baseborn, is on a mission to craft high-quality foundation garments, particularly shirts and shifts, that will last a lifetime—or longer!

  • Feature Friday: Making Historical Dress Network

    If you have been in the historical costume community for many years, you may know that while dress history is an established field, the act of making and recreation has only more recently become an accepted academic practice. And this month’s feature has created a wonderful space to further that area of research!

  • Online Ordering Available Again for UK

    Hello folks, we're pleased that after much tinkering and puzzling over our shipping settings, we can offer UK buyers simple online ordering once ag...
  • Feature Friday: House of Dario Princiotta

    House of Dario Princiotta blends modern and historical design to create unique pieces that take corsetry to a whole other level. With sharply structured lines and bold, dramatic silhouettes, the work of this month’s feature is truly inspiring. The materials he uses are both lush and ethereal, and his Instagram is filled with dreamy photography to match. It’s a corset lover’s dream come true!

  • Redthreaded is Now 1% for the Planet Certified

    We’re really proud to be able to make our ongoing commitment to the environment more visible by joining 1% For The Planet. This certification is given to businesses that commit at least 1% of their annual sales to environmental causes.

    And we’re doing it for the whales.

  • Custom Deposit Slots Reopen June 30th!

    We are wrapping up the last of our current round of custom orders, so we will be opening 12 custom order deposit slots this Friday. Purchase of a ...
  • For the Locals: Studio Yard Sale on June 10!

    We have too much stuff...time for a clear out! June 10, 8am-2pm (weather permitting) at 936 Kimbark St, Longmont, CO 80501 We will have costum...