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  • 1880s Classic Corsets on sale now <3

    Save 10% on our 1880s Classic Corsets now through August 13th! Autumn always feels like a Victorian time of year, and it's fast approaching. 
  • Feature Friday: Bluestocking Designs

    From elegant historically inspired designs to whimsical creations, Bluestocking Designs features a wide range of jewelry and accessories perfect for modern or costume wear.

  • All Shipments Are Now Carbon Neutral

    Recently, our ecommerce host Shopify introduced a simple way to make all shipments carbon neutral. Their Planet app automatically tracks shipping e...
  • Feature Friday: The School of Historical Dress

    This month’s feature is The School of Historical Dress!  Best known for their meticulous research, the School’s purpose is to “encourage new research into historical dress and introduce students to the tools needed for this, such as how to study an object, to identify its materials, cut, construction and historical context.”
  • Get Ready - Custom Order Deposit Slots Open Next Week

    Thank you all for your patience this spring as we dealt with both an unprecedented demand AND a simultaneous 3 month supplier delay of our ...
  • Feature Friday: Gibson Girl Dress

    Fashion trends are always cyclical, and styles from the Edwardian era have been having a major resurgence in recent years. Whether you are looking to put together an outfit for a full historical look, or you want to incorporate a few history-bounding pieces in your modern wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with this month’s featured business: Gibson Girl Dress

  • Feature Friday: Renaissance Fabrics

    Online fabric shopping is a trial at the best of times. Finding just the right pattern or print can be frustrating, and add to that the extra challenge of finding something appropriate for a historical project…But this month’s feature to the rescue! Renaissance Fabrics specializes in natural-fiber fabrics for all your historically inspired projects.

  • Shipping Update for Germany, UK, AU, & NZ

    UPDATE JULY 2022: Germany Shipping to Germany is temporarily restricted while we assess whether the German packaging act registration and fee (40...
  • Feature Friday: Shocking Bad Hats

    Founded in 2012, Shocking Bad Hats is the place to find all your extravagant and fabulous millinery needs! The shop specializes in late 18th century and early 19th century styles but also has a wide range of hats and bonnets from a variety of other time periods. Styles include everything from the Regency to the 1920s and even historically-inspired fantasy creations.

  • Black History Month: Celebrating Three Women from Denver's Historically Black Community

    Today is the last day of Black History Month and tomorrow begins Women's History Month in the United States. So we’d like to go local and highlight...
  • Feature Friday: Penny River, LLC

    This month’s featured business, Penny River, LLC, specializes in historical accessories and sewing supplies, and their kits, in particular, are fan favorites. Owner Jess knows that there is nothing quite so satisfying as a well-stocked kit, so each one in the shop comes with everything you need to start making the project immediately, including pins, thread, needles, pre-cut pieces, etc.

  • Spring Custom Order Deposits Open This Week!

    Hello everyone, thank you for your patience while we work through some things and get back to a place where we can start taking on custom c...