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How do I measure for a corset?
Take your measurements over a supportive but lightly padded or unpadded bra, and ideally get someone to help you. Keep the measuring tape horizontal to the floor. Measure your natural waist at the space between your ribs and your hips, usually at or just above navel. If you have a hard time finding it, bend to the side. Where your body naturally creases is your natural waist. Our standard stock and patterns are designed for an "average" back neck to waist length of about 15". 

How do I pick a size?
Your corset should be at least 2-4” smaller than your measurements, and more if you're very “squishy”. Larger women can frequently lace down more than smaller women. Victorian hourglass type corsets can lace in tighter than 18th Century Stays, Regency long stays, 1790's, and 1830's. The most commonly sized-down style is S-Bend, since it tends to cinch in more extremely than other styles.