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About Redthreaded

    Redthreaded is a costume business specializing in high quality historically inspired costumes, gowns, corsets, and millinery, owned and managed by Cynthia Settje in Boulder, Colorado. These are not your average Halloween costumes, these are truly investment pieces. Each piece is researched extensively to bring you the accurate silhouette, sumptuous fabrics, and details of the period. This historical knowledge base is blended with theatrical costume training to bring you quality garments which will last through the ages and make you feel beautiful each time you wear them.Our work is divided into two different focuses: direct retail sales of in-stock and custom pieces for individuals, and larger scale contracts for theatrical productions. Our clients have included Broadway and off-Broadway shows, TV, fashion, Regional Theatres, and Universities.





    About the Owner

     Cynthia (or Cindy, as her friends know her) has had a passion for sewing, historical fashion, film, and theater costumes since her early teens. She opened Redthreaded on Etsy in 2009 as a way to offer her costuming skills to a global retail client base, and soon expanded the scope of the business to theatrical contracts as well.

    Professional theatrical costume portfolio and technical resume can be seen at www.cynthiasettje.com