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Fashion trends are always cyclical, and styles from the Edwardian era have been having a major resurgence in recent years. Whether you are looking to put together an outfit for a full historical look, or you want to incorporate a few history-bounding pieces in your modern wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with this month’s featured business: Gibson Girl Dress

According to owner and founder Mila, she was “inspired by the beautiful fashion of the Edwardian era and the women who fought for equal rights with men at that time” to found the atelier in 2020. “I myself have been dressing in clothes stylized as the Edwardian period for many years,” she added, “and as it turned out [there are] a lot of like-minded people. I am very glad that my small atelier has become useful for girls around the world.”

The shop started with just two Edwardian-inspired blouses, but they have since expanded their standard range to include over two dozen styles, adding skirts, petticoats, dresses, and undergarments to their line. The shop has listings for individual pieces to mix and match, as well as full outfits, and many of the styles are available in multiple fabrics or colors so you can customize each piece to coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe. Mila and her team are also constantly working on new products and styles to add to the shop, including their latest offering the Nellie velvet cape.

If you want the quintessential Edwardian lacy look, the Lily Elsie blouse is a great choice. Made from cotton cambric with lace insertion, it would be a gorgeous summer top in white. Or you can choose black and live out your best witchy fantasies!

Pair it with a linen Beatrix skirt and you have the ideal summer picnic outfit! The two rows of buttons down the front and pintucks along the hem add a smart touch, and the skirt is available in multiple colors so you can choose pink for light and springy look or go for gothic romance with black.

If a tailored silhouette is more your style, the Anne skirt and Suffragette vest paired together create the perfect Anne of Green Gables outfit.

Or you can go full-sporty by pairing the vest with Bloomers trousers!

This is just a small peek at some of their many styles! You can find more Edwardian-inspired fashions in their Etsy shop:


And you can follow them on Instagram for all the latest new design releases and shop updates: @gibson_girl_dress

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