Redthreaded Blog

  • Feature Friday: Crimson Rose Corsetry

    Corsetry can be worn for a myriad of reasons—from cosplay and historical reenactment to medical support and comfort. And while Redthreaded concentrates on the historical side of things, fellow Colorado corset maker and this month’s featured business, Crimson Rose Corsetry, explores the more modern aspects of the craft, with a focus on both medical and whimsical applications.
  • Feature Friday: The Underpinnings Museum

    Here at Redthreaded, we make no secret of our love of corsetry and all different types of structured and unstructured undergarments, and this month’s featured business is a kindred spirit! The Underpinnings Museum is an online museum “dedicated to the evolution of underwear through the ages” by “showcasing and documenting exquisite objects.” By making their research available on their website for free, the museum has created an invaluable resource for all antique and vintage lingerie lovers!

  • Feature Friday: Scroop Patterns

    What is Scroop, you ask? Technically, it’s the satisfying rustling sound that silk taffeta makes, but more relevant to this article, it is the name of this month’s featured business: Scroop Patterns!

  • Feature Friday: Out of a Portrait Patterns

    A well-chosen accessory can take your outfit to the next level, adding polish and interest to even the simplest dress, and this week’s feature is the queen of chic accessories! Out of a Portrait Patterns creates beautifully detailed patterns and tutorials for historical accessories, often recreating unique or under-represented designs and making them accessible to all.
  • Feature Friday: Holiday Edition

    Welcome to the special Holiday edition of Feature Friday!

    The festive season is here, and we’ve put together a roundup of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday specials and sales from a range of past featured businesses. Below you can find everything from one day discounts to weeklong specials! So whether you are shopping for yourself or need a good gift idea to share, you can find a little something for all the sewists and costumers in your life and support small businesses at the same time!  

  • Feature Friday: Prior Attire

    This month’s feature, Prior Attire, has specialized in handmade, historically accurate clothing since 1999. Their garments have been worn by reenactors and historical interpreters, and have been featured on UK television in addition to at English Heritage and National Trust properties!
  • Feature Friday: Victorian Photography Studio

    After all the hard work of creating a costume, whether historic or cosplay, documenting it can feel like just one more thing to tackle. But what if rather than an afterthought the photography was the point? And what if that photography was taken in a fascinating and unusual way? Enter this month’s feature, Victorian Photography Studio!

  • Feature Friday: Goodwives Linens

    Caps are the quintessential 18th century accessory, and no one does them better than this month’s featured business—Goodwives Linens!

  • Feature Friday: Bluestocking Designs

    From elegant historically inspired designs to whimsical creations, Bluestocking Designs features a wide range of jewelry and accessories perfect for modern or costume wear.

  • Feature Friday: The School of Historical Dress

    This month’s feature is The School of Historical Dress!  Best known for their meticulous research, the School’s purpose is to “encourage new research into historical dress and introduce students to the tools needed for this, such as how to study an object, to identify its materials, cut, construction and historical context.”
  • Feature Friday: Gibson Girl Dress

    Fashion trends are always cyclical, and styles from the Edwardian era have been having a major resurgence in recent years. Whether you are looking to put together an outfit for a full historical look, or you want to incorporate a few history-bounding pieces in your modern wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with this month’s featured business: Gibson Girl Dress

  • Feature Friday: Renaissance Fabrics

    Online fabric shopping is a trial at the best of times. Finding just the right pattern or print can be frustrating, and add to that the extra challenge of finding something appropriate for a historical project…But this month’s feature to the rescue! Renaissance Fabrics specializes in natural-fiber fabrics for all your historically inspired projects.