Feature Friday: Crow's Eye Productions

With high production values and exquisitely researched costumes, this month’s feature makes some of the most beautiful and educational videos on Youtube! Their videos cover a wide range of eras—from Roman to Regency and more—and are always gorgeously shot and styled. Not only are they filmed in perfect historical locations to match the era, with furniture and accessories to add ambience, but the actors are also always perfectly turned out in period appropriate hair and makeup. The attention to detail is truly impressive!

Run by the mother and daughter team of Pauline and Nicole Loven, Crow’s Eye Productions is dedicated to “bringing the past to life on a tiny budget,” whether that is through their “Getting Dressed In…” video serious or through creating content for museum exhibitions and displays.

We spoke to Pauline to learn a bit more about her journey to becoming a costume historian and what goes on behind the scenes at Crow’s Eye!

“I began sewing at the age of five,” Pauline explained, “and at the same time I was already developing a passion for history, art history and archaeology. By my twenties I realized that recreating clothing from the past could be a very satisfying way of exploring history and bringing all my interests together. I immediately joined the Costume Society and attended every lecture I could, volunteered at the local costume museum, and purchased every book I could afford. My creativity has always been a powerful motivator, and allied with my love of history, it has driven a lifelong study of the past.”

“However, my career had taken me in a different direction,” she continued. “I became first a Dental Hygienist, and then went to university to study history, graduating with a first-class honours degree, and returning to the university as a lecturer. But a period of ill-health drew me back towards my own resources and creativity again. At around the same time my daughter, Nicole Loven, graduated in filmmaking from university. Then, what had begun as a hobby gradually took over, and now I work closely with Nicole and her company Crow’s Eye Productions.”

She added, “I am now doing the most fulfilling work of my lifetime, as much by chance, as by my steady determination to follow my passions.”

Pauline went on to share just how much the productions are a shared labor of love between Nicole and herself. “I am the costumier, researcher, script writer, and producer for our films. Nicole is the director, cinematographer, editor, and voice-over artist, and we have a team of favourite freelance actors, film crew, MUAs, and hairstylists that we also bring into our productions.”

In addition to the "Getting Dressed In..." series, they also have a series of historical hair and makeup tutorials on their YouTube channel, so you can try your hand at some of the styles yourself!

This team has created not only an extensive library of videos on YouTube, but they also have some other exciting projects in the works. Pauline explained, “We are currently working with the publishers Bloomsbury on a series of mini documentaries called ‘Bloomsbury Historic Dress in Detail’, aimed at students and researchers which can be found on the Bloomsbury Fashion Central platform. All the videos, so far, are based on the ones on our YouTube channel, but fleshed out with content aimed at students, and with additional learning materials.”

You can find out more about Crow’s Eye Productions on their website, www.crowseye.co.uk, and find all their videos on their YouTube channel.

And you can follow them on Instagram @crowseyeproductions and follow Pauline’s costume work specifically @peridowarbrobe.

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