It's Pattern Launch Day!

It’s our long awaited pattern launch! If you have been following along, you know that we have been busy behind the scenes updating our pattern line. From redrafting and redesigning some of our base patterns, to completely redrawing and digitizing the entire line, the Redthreaded team has been hard at work creating the best version of our patterns that we can. Today all that hard work has been released out into the world, and in this post, we detail what makes our new patterns so great!

First, in addition to creating new digitized patterns, we have completely revised and expanded our pattern instructions, including adding step-by-step pictures and visual aids for the trickier corsetry steps. These instructions have gone through multiple rounds of edits, including technical edits, to make sure they are as easy to follow as possible. While a corset isn’t necessarily a beginner sewing project, the updated instructions will hopefully answer some of your most common questions and help those who are new to corset construction.

Next, we have added a much requested multi-size option for all our patterns. Now if you are between sizes (like many of us are), you can easily grade or adjust between sizes without needing a separate pattern. Or if you changes sizes in future, no need to purchase the pattern a second time when you want to make a new set of stays. Patterns will be available in pack A (size XS-XXL) or pack B (plus size 18-26), corresponding with our existing size chart.

To go with our new multi-size patterns, we’ve added a size layer feature in all our tiled digital pattern PDFs. When printing at home, you can easily select only the size layers you want to print, saving you both paper and ink!

And for those of us who prefer not to print at home or hate to assemble tiled pattern, your PDF pattern pack will now also include a large format printing option. Take it to your local copy shop (or favorite online printer), if you want to save yourself the extra work.

Finally, if you’d rather buy a paper pattern than a PDF, we’ve updated our pattern packaging to be plastic free! Our new patterns feature printed paper envelopes rather than plastic sleeves as part of our on-going commitment to reduce our environmental impact and make our small business as sustainable as possible.

For quick reference, here are all the styles we’ve updated:

  • 1750s stays (A fully redesigned pattern with new style lines that is easier to assemble and more comfortable!)
  • 1780s stays
  • 1790s stays
  • 1810s stays (both short and long styles)
  • 1830s stays
  • 1860s corset
  • 1880s corset

Shop our new digital patterns here and our paper patterns and kits here!

5% of gross sales from the first week of launch will be donated to World Central Kitchen, a non-profit that provides meals in response to humanitarian crises.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping due to increased volume through March. We don't want our mailman to quit on us!

A note: A previous customer asked if they can receive the new patterns for free. First, thank you so much for supporting us! Your previous purchases have helped us improve our products and keep this small business going. These pattern updates are much more than a simple file update or correction. In fact, we've spent about as much time overhauling each pattern as we do on an entirely new pattern. We are unable to offer these products for free because we must recoup some of the cost of this large project as quickly as possible to stay operational. We're offering introductory pricing for the first week of launch as a thank you for your support (discount visible at checkout).

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