Pattern Update...Update!

Hi folks, we've been getting a LOT of questions about when we will be done with the big pattern update project. We have generally stopped responding individually to these inquiries, to focus our time on the actual project work. So here is one bulk update.

We are deliberately not choosing a finished/launch date yet, because it is very difficult to predict how long this kind of work will take. There are a lot of moving parts. Three printing companies (in three States), a pattern digitizer, writer, editor, photos, writing, shipping, samples, restocking kit supplies, packing's a LOT to wrangle! Plus, the rest of the business keeps on going. 

That said, we're probably about 2/3 of the way done with the actual pattern document work, which is the bulk of the project. I think the outlook is good (assuming all those other moving parts move in unison) for a late February/early March launch. 

Just in time for tax return season...well how 'bout that! ;) 

Thank you all so much for your patience! We think it will be worth it. The new patterns really are so much better. We're excited for multi-size and no plastic.



  • Hi Autumn, Atelier styles are not part of our retail pattern line. However, our 1780s stays pattern is extremely similar to the Antonia.

  • I feel bad asking, but will the Antonia design be included? I’ll hold off on my next big project if so :)


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