NEW PATTERN: 1780's Front Lacing Stays

Our #1 pattern request ever is now available in digital and printed form. HOORAY!

The pattern includes an optional stomacher, and features alterable side and center back seams. The front lacing means very easy dressing without help.  Individually sized patterns are available here on the website, digital patterns are on our Digital Etsy Shop.

This style also works well with Synthetic Whalebone. Read about how to convert our patterns from steel to synthetic here. While this post was written with our earlier Georgian stays pattern in mind, the same concepts apply to the 1780's pattern.


  • It is very nice to read your site, thank you very much for your work, it’s great!

  • Hello there,

    Assembly is addressed in Step 10, which should answer all of your questions. If you would prefer to have an enclosed seam, by all means feel free to change your assembly to fit your desires.

    Email is always the best way to reach us for immediate help. Our email is available at the bottom of any page on our website, as well as on our pattern materials.

    Best, ~C

  • Hi,
    Not sure if this is the right forum for asking questions about pattern construction, but here goes.

    I’m making 1780s stays and I’m at the assembly stage. I’ve read everything (2X +) and can’t find instructions for attaching the back sections to sides. There’s “*Leave seam between Side and Back Unstitched.*” Then in 6. ARRANGING LAYERS when marrying layers, instructions for back are: “Place Back linings on Backs, wrong sides together.” After that, it goes into the boning channels directions about the front and side front pieces with no mention about the back apart from stitching the channels into those pieces. There’s nothing that I can find about joining the two back pieces at CB and then at SF. Am I to assume that it’s a separate function of first sewing the coutil pieces right sides together and twill/lining sections together; then sew coutil front Back to coutil SF, right sides together and then whip stitch the side seams of the twill/lining together on the inside to enclose the seams? If you have a website apart from this site that answers construction questions, I would appreciate you sending me the link.

    Otherwise, I like that this pattern is easy and straight forward!



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