Introducing our New and Improved 1750s Stays

Surprise, the new and improved 1750s stays are now available for backorder/preorder in synthetic whalebone and steel boned versions!

We've completely redesigned this style, based on years of feedback, better research, and aesthetic choice. Cynthia patterned the block for our original "Georgian stays" almost 20 years ago, and a lot has changed since then (Patterns of Fashion 5, anyone?). It is definitely time for a refresh. So what's different?

  • Redrawn side front seam with a much "swoopier" angle (we swear that's a technical term) 
  • Interfaced "Bellypiece" providing additional stiffness and support through the abdomen
  • Shifted side seam towards the true vertical side of the body allowing for easier alterations
  • Added side back seam with additional curvature more comfortably fits the small of the back
  • Reshaped and lengthened tabs/skirts to more closely follow most extant examples and provide more support for waistbands over the hip
  • Available in steel and synthetic whalebone

Backorders for the 1750s stays will be processed within 3-6 weeks after ordering. We don't have many finished in stock yet, so consider this a "preorder." Simply choose your size and then the "backorder" option on the listing page.

The accompanying retail pattern and kit for this style will launch this Friday.

Shoutout to Marisa Taylor Photography (aka LoveShutterBug) and ScifiCheerGirl for the photos and modeling!

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