Pattern Launch Date Announcement!

Hooray! Starting Friday, February 24th, pdf patterns will once again be available on our etsy shop, and paper patterns and supply kits will be available on our website.

As a refresher, here are the updated styles we will offer:
  • 1750s (a fully redesigned pattern with different style lines, easier assembly and more comfort!)
  • 1780s
  • 1790s
  • 1810s short and long stays
  • 1830s
  • 1860s
  • 1880s

We're working hard to have a LOT of stock ready. Paper patterns are very unlikely to sell out any time soon (unless this is like...the greatest launch of all time, ha). PDF patterns are of course not a worry. If a kit style sells out, just give us a little bit of time to pack more. That's where we are limited as far as space. We can only fit so many pre-packed kits, supplies and shipping materials in the corset turret! 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping due to increased volume. We don't want our mailman to quit on us!


  • HI Susan, as announced in this blog post, kits will be available this Friday (Feb 24).

  • Would love to know when the kits come out! I suggest your patterns to everyone bc they are the most comfortable I have worn!


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