Pattern Tutorials & Updates

Welcome to our Pattern Tutorials landing page! Here we will link to relevant tutorials and demos as we produce them. We will also note any pattern errors/addendums here, should they exist.

Check our Youtube Channel for video tutorials on key techniques such as:

Synthetic Whalebone Tipping Demo

Machine Corset Cording Demo

Setting a Corset Busk

Relevant Blog Posts

Shortening a Corset Pattern

 Pattern Updates/Addendums:

RP1750AB instructions: Step 8 should say bones should be "shorter" not "longer" than channel. This typo has been fixed on digital patterns as of 3/7/23, and will be updated in the next printing of paper patterns. Thankfully, it's a pretty obvious oops!

RP1810S instructions and pattern: The spiral bones should be 4.5" for size XS-M, not a 5". We are happy to send out two 4.5" bones by request to supplement already purchased kits. Digital patterns are updated. Paper will include a note and be updated on next printing.