We're updating some of our styles...read on!

Hi folks! Here at Redthreaded we're always striving to improve, and so we are making some changes to a few of our stock corset styles. These changes will be in effect on all new stock purchases going forward. Sale listings may or may not have the updates. 

All front-opening busk styles (1860's, 1880's, S-Bend, Titanic styles)

  • Will no longer have a busk underlap. This change is more in keeping with construction seen from the time periods.
  • Will have a slightly more flexible busk. However, these busks are made of better quality steel, and feel more like the busks in our extant collection.

1860's & 1880's

  • beginning immediately, we are now adding a drawstring into the top bust area of both 1860's and 1880's styles! This allows you to fine tune the fit a bit more, and addresses common gapping issues with these styles. 

NOTE: we are not updating our commercial patterns with these changes. However, feel free to make the changes yourself if you would like!


  • Hi, are any of your stays and corsets acceptable under garments for wearing today? I enjoy waist training with modern corsets, but as a plus size lady who has lost 75 pounds, I notice even my longline corsets push up some of my loose skin above the top of the corset, giving a weird high muffin top at my shoulder blades. I thought perhaps some of your historically accurate stays or corsets might alleviate some of this problem while still holding me in, giving me a nice toned silhouette. Please advise.

    Thank you,

  • Hello Lisa,

    That is unlikely. We base our pattern lines on the popularity rankings of our corset sales, 1790’s is not a top contender.

  • Will the transitional stays ever be available as a pattern for purchase? I‘d love to make one myself.


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