We're Raising Corset Prices for the First Time in Four Years. Here's Why.

Hi everyone. I don't love writing this post, because one of the things we try to do at Redthreaded is to keep our historical corsets as affordable as possible, while keeping the business sustainable.

The prices on our stock corsets have stayed the same for about four years. So why raise them this January 1st?

Making clothing in the United States is expensive. I could speak negatively of steel prices, tariffs and global trade. I could write a long treatise about the steps I've taken to reduce supply costs through larger manufacturer and wholesale quantity discounts. I could speak of the months where I have not drawn a salary (the business owner gets paid last), or how we're constantly evaluating our methods and techniques for speed and quality improvement. 

But I won't. 

Here at Redthreaded we recognize that the costume industry has been chronically underpaid for decades. We believe that skilled professions should be compensated accordingly. But if we're going to talk that talk, we need to make sure we can keep walking that walk. 

Our team is the most important part of what we do. Without them this business doesn't exist. I am proud to say that we are one of the best paying costume shops in Colorado.  However, that anecdote speaks more to the chronic underpay in the industry than anything. We can do better.

Yes, I'm raising prices in part due to rising material costs--we cannot absorb them anymore. But I am doing it primarily to recognize the human cost of our work. Every single employee at Redthreaded is getting a raise this Christmas, as they should. These women are highly skilled and do amazing work (and they put up with me on the daily).

The statistics on failed sewing businesses in the USA are grim. By raising prices, I'm making sure the business can stay profitable and in business for the next four years, and beyond. I want us to be there for the costume community for a good long time. 

(The current regular employees at Redthreaded)

By the way, it's not even going to be a huge price increase--less than 10% on most styles. I'm letting you know ahead of time so you can plan accordingly because I don't want it to feel like a bait and switch.  

Here's to not being a statistic,





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