Upcoming Trunk Shows!

We're getting ready to hit the road out west this month!

CLAYTON, CA (East Bay)
A two-day trunk show at Renaissance Fabrics with Dames a la Mode. Shop jewelry, corsets, patterns, fabrics, etc. all in one place!

Sept 21-22, 11am-5pm

Renaissance Fabrics
6200 Center St. #1
Clayton, CA

We're doing fitting sign-ups for this one, so if you want to try on a corset, please Sign Up.


AURORA, OR (20 miles south of Portland)
Redthreaded & Dames a la Mode Trunk Show in Historic Aurora.

Tuesday, Sept. 24th

Aurora Veteran's Hall
21510 Main St. NE
Aurora, OR

Fittings are first-come, first served.

We are taking a travel break for the rest of 2019 and are just beginning to plan next year's event/trunk show schedule. However, here are some tentative plans and hints...

  • If you're in the Williamsburg, VA area, you'll want to mark February 8th on your calendar.
  • Redthreaded will be at the 2020 USITT conference in Houston, TX the first weekend in April.
  • We definitely plan to vend at Costume College again if we are asked back.


We get a lot of questions on social media and via email asking why we don't have events in XYZ location, or when we'll visit certain cities. Sometimes, the questions are about places we've actually just recently been!

The best way to keep track of our travel plans is to: 1. check our events schedule on our Facebook page, 2. Subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page, 3. Follow our social media. We always advertise events multiple times in advance across all of our major platforms.

We choose our locations based on regional sales data and existing enthusiasm and awareness of our business in the area. Travel is expensive, and putting on any one of these trips can cost thousands of dollars. We have to be pretty gosh darn sure a region (or event) will be worth it <3 

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