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Replica Ironwork Worth Gown

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I have been working away at this gown in semi-secret since the start of this year. There are of course a million things I would do differently next time, but I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. I have 127 hours into this dress from the moment I began handling fabric.

I wore this at last night's Costume College Gala. I will do a proper write up about how I digitized the motif and executed the appliqué, but for now here are a couple of photos. 


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  • Lenore Justman on

    Beautiful! I have such admiration for those of you who dream so grandly—and then pull it off! What’s next?

  • Anna on

    Amazing design! Admiration from Scotland, UK
    (came here from The Dreamstress facebook)

  • Natalie Ramirez on

    I’m so eager to read all about it!

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