Video: Dyeing a a Wheelbarrow!

If you follow us on YouTube, you've probably already seen this video I put out a couple of weeks ago. If not, here's a bit of amusement for you all. I dyed one of our Victorian corsets in my backyard. 

you've all been asking for a corset dyeing demo for a long time. This is what we get in these weird times. Ingredients: A sacrificial 1880's Victorian fit sample, a wheelbarrow, a gas grill, a pot, a garden hose, one sad packet of dye, and a couple errant birds. 

Note: if you’re going to dye something, read up on safety, wear gloves, use adequate ventilation, and of course never use the same utensils and containers for cooking.

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  • Hello from Perth Western Australia. I love your making do and improvisation!
    It reminds me of when I made a dressmaking dummy starting with a plaster bodycast

    Kath Moller

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