My Lilliputian Visit to Dickens Fair

Last weekend a whole bunch of my friends attended Dickens Fair in San Francisco in fabulous1830's costumes. I *almost* made the trip out for it as well, but was just too busy to fit more travel into December. Plus I would have needed a whole new costume.

So, being a bit of a weirdo, I sent along an 1830's mini-me.  Apparently, I had a hilarious and delightful time, hehe! 

I had tea with Abby and Lauren of American Duchess while wearing my sassy shawl...

I got rather up close and personal with Maggie...

I believe I possibly met the Queen of England, even! Though I don't have photographic evidence...

Do you see me? Hahaha.


The photos from the day cracked me up (thank you Lauren, Abby, Vivien, Maggie, etc), and it was a little bit better than not being there at all. It was fun to be an honorary member of the Gigot Girl Gang. I love knowing so many delightful weirdos.

Also, their costumes all turned out amazing! Check out Vivien's blog post for a whole bunch of photos of the life sized outfits ;) 

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