Introducing...1830's stays!

Hello everyone! Here I am, trying to figure out how it's been 3 months since our last update (okay, so there was a studio expansion, flu, travel, flu again...I mean REALLY, how is that fair...). But, we have a lot of exciting things coming up! Our first announcement is....

We have finished developing our 1830's stays! 

These stays are appropriate for approximately the late 1820's to the early 1840's, and can be thought of as a missing link between our Regency Long Stays and 1860's Gored Corset.

I developed this pattern by looking at a ton of extant stays in online museum collections, as well as the collection at the DAR and contemporary accounts and imagery. What I noticed most clearly is that stays moved towards a curvier, hourglass silhouette, but generally still retained the seaming and pieces of the earlier Regency. There's a lot of detailed variety in this decade!

This was a time of new innovations like metal grommets, but for the most part, materials remained similar to the earlier 10's and 20's corsets.

I developed our 1830's pattern directly from our earlier style Regency Long Stays. By adjusting proportions, bust height, and seam placement, we end up with a more hourglass and less extreme push-up silhouette. The waist is defined but a little higher, the hip line lower. The bust is prominent and cupped. The overall line is curvier. As always, my main focus has been to get the silhouette and fit *right.*

Extant stays circa 1830's

We kept straps in case you want to have a go at 1830's sleeve supports and need to anchor them in place. The straps are made separately from the rest of the corset, allowing you to alter length and angle over the shoulder (the trickiest bit to get just right in off-the-rack stays), or remove them completely. 

1830's Engraving

This is also the first stock corset style to feature our new, CURVED wooden busks. This was a revelation to me during my first visit to the DAR in 2017; a majority of the wooden busks in their collection have a belly curve shaped into them. This coincides with illustrations of the time which show a curve if you look closely. It's more comfortable AND it's historically accurate!

Plus sizing (size 18-26, or 34"-42" waists) include additional boning and adjusted shaping to allow for more support.

Pre-order is open now, and closes 3 weeks from today (April 20th). All pre-orders will ship around the end of April, and then these stays will join our stock styles in early May.  Pre-orders save $20 off the final retail cost of these stays. By supporting the pre-order, you help us with cash flow and funding required to get this new style in stock. Thank you!

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