How to Bend a Corset Busk - With Video

Did you know that a lot of Victorian corsets were sold with pre-curved busks? Several in our own collection of extant corsets have a dramatic dished busk curve, and we've seen many more in private and museum collections that have this same curve. 

In a modern culture obsessed with flat stomachs, the curved belly silhouette of the 1870's-1890's can seem strange. But it goes a long way to creating an authentic silhouette. Curving the bottom end of the busk inwards also solves the issue of the busk poking out under skirts.

Manet - Nana, 1877 (detail)

We sell our 1860's and 1880's corsets with flat busks because a lot of modern buyers prefer them. However, if you want to curve the busk in your new corset, it's quite easy! Here's a video to show you how. 

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