Happy New Year and a 2018 Teaser...

We wish you all a happy, productive, and exciting 2018. Our year is looking busy and exciting already. Here is a little taste of what we have coming along in the studio.

We are starting off with a big project for the entertainment industry (which we can't share yet), a couple of gorgeous custom gowns, and a slew of custom corsets. This has us booked up through March already! If you've been waiting for re-stock, thank you so much for your patience. We plan to have all sizes re-stocked by the end of March 2018.

Behind the scenes, Redthreaded will be expanding into an additional room in our studio building in January. This is going to allow us more storage space, a better photo setup, better fitting space, and an actual lunch break area (the joke is that we'll have room for a panini press. What luxury!). We are excited about the expansion possibilities that come with more space as well.

In addition, we have had a new project in the works. If you follow Redthreaded on social media, you have probably caught a few glimpses of this project. Spring of 2018 will see the release of our first official "fancy" corset collection.

Grounded firmly in history, Redthreaded Atelier will bring a range of new styles on a made to order basis, with customizable fabrics, sizing, and details.

Think of this as our luxury line, our black label, for those who want true investment pieces.  Atelier will cover a time range from 1690 to 1907. We are sparing no detail. You will find fully boned synthetic whaleboned stays, corded corsets, 1830's, 1840's, hand bound eyelets, flossing, garters, and many more exciting things.  

We're not showing the full collection until our spring release, but here is a small sampling to pique your interest. Photography is by our regular collaborator Jennifer Koskinen of Merritt Portrait Studio at the beautiful Lumber Baron Inn. 

Alyssa, our model, is one of the regulars in the Redthreaded studio. In addition to being the fit and photo model for this line, she also made many of the corsets for the shoot.

Hair and makeup is by Danielle Rennells of Vintage Hairstyling (psst, vintage lovers, she has books!). Jewelry is by Dames a la Mode.  Undergarments in these shots were graciously loaned by Kelly of Anachronism in Action & Abby of American Duchess.
Stay tuned for more in spring of 2018!

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