Feature Friday: Frontier Millinery

New for 2020, we're aiming to feature another historical business on the last Friday of every month.

Accessories are such an important part of costuming. They're what pull an outfit together and take it from just a historical dress to a whole look. Hats can be intimidating to make--they're such a visible feature since they're right there on your head, and the techniques and patterns can be tricky to master.

Luckily as with most things (like corsets) there are folks who can make them for you! Did you know that one of our team members is also an excellent milliner? Lets introduce you to Frontier Millinery!

In addition to sewing beautiful corsets, Allison is primarily a milliner, and the proprietor of Frontier Millinery. She focuses on a mix of historically inspired hats and cloches. She's our in-house go-to for all things hat related (we're pretty spoiled). 

Frontier Millinery is recognized throughout the historical costume community for fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, design eye, and a commitment to client customer service. Her mini tricorns are particularly iconic and adorable (my response is that they're so cute I want to eat them. Is that weird?). 

I personally have several bonnets and hats from Frontier Millinery. If you've seen me at Jane Austen Festival wearing a bonnet or hat, it was by Frontier Millinery. 

Jane Austen Festival in 2018, wearing my "coal scuttle" bonnet. I wanted something light (its just silk and wire) that would keep the sun off my face and in a light color to reduce heat. This was perfect!

Regency straw hat

Silk 18th century bonnet--fully collapsible for travel

Here's what I love though...Allison listens closely to her clients needs, and has a wide, adaptable range of skills and styles. She can do everything from old school felt blocking to buckram or straw, from distressed pirate hats to ridiculously large 1830's buckram bonnets to unusual artistic and theatrical builds. 

Jewel Box photoshoot, photo by Merritt Portrait Studio

Her cloches make me wish I was the type of person who managed to pull off vintage dressing on the daily, because that 1920's/30's Deco look is so lovely. 

Theresa (@tallprincess on Instagram) wearing a custom 1920's repro

The Frontier Millinery Etsy shop is a bit sparse right now, but keep checking back for more ready-to-buy goodies in the spring. Or get in touch about a custom order--she's booking for April as of this writing. You can also follow Frontier Millinery on Instagram and Facebook @frontiermillinery for lots of hat and costume goodness.

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