Feature Friday: Willoughby and Rose

Hooray, Feature Friday is back!

Today we're featuring Willoughby and Rose, based in Yorktown, VA. Founded in 2015, Willoughby & Rose specializes in ready made and bespoke 18th and 19th century shifts, shirts, caps, accessories, and children's clothing.

Owner Cait is a delight and her focus on quality is evident in her work. We've long admired her linen shifts and are so excited to see that she now offers supply kits and materials so you can make your own projects. Perfect for #sewcialdistancing! 

Cait also enjoys creating custom fitted historical outergarments like gowns, breeches, jackets, etc. 

She's adaptable too--whether you need a super accurate hand-stitched repro garment or a quick chemise for a costume look, W&R has you covered. 

W&R can currently be found on Etsy. Cait is working on a new stand-alone website, so be sure to sign up for the mailing list there for the grand opening. 

 (Also...my cat is named Willloughby, so Cait gets 1000 points for her business name!)

Learn more about Cait in her "Costume Quarantine 20 Questions" answer video:

You can also follow Willoughby & Rose:

on Facebook at facebook.com/willoughbyandrose

Instagram @willoughbyandrose

and Youtube channel.

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