Feature Friday: Wearing History

After a bit of a hiatus (2020, am I right?), Feature Friday is back! This month we are shining the spotlight on one of our favorite pattern makers, the wonderful Lauren of Wearing History!

Photo courtesy Wearing History

Founded in 2007, Wearing History specializes in patterns from the 1890s to the 1950s. The quality of her work really shows in her careful drafting and attention to historical detail. With three different pattern lines, there is something for every level of sewing expert, from beginner to advanced. 

Photo courtesy Wearing History

Patterns in the Signature Styles line are drafted by Lauren, and are either her own original designs or based on historical garments. These patterns come with full, step-by-step illustrated instructions like a standard modern sewing pattern. One of her bestselling Signature Style patterns is the 1930s Smooth Sailing Sports Togs pattern, which features an adorable blouse and wide-legged trouser combo!

Photo courtesy Wearing History


The Resto-Vival line features original historic patterns that have been “restored and revived” to include multiple sizes and clearer markings. They have the original period instructions and are best suited to an intermediate skill level.  A great example from this line is the adorable circa 1916 Suit Pattern, perfect for a WWI impression!

Photo courtesy Wearing History

Finally, for the adventurous sewist Wearing History offers their Archive Couture collection. These patterns, taken from original period sources, are often single-sized with fewer markings and minimal instructions. They require a more advanced knowledge of dressmaking, but are a great way to experiment with fun and unique styles from history.

Rethreaded’s proprietress, Cynthia, used the 1897 Morning Jacket pattern to create her adorable Chicken Mama dress. In her video, Cynthia shares her tips about working with this type of pattern, as well as how to modify it. Plus there are 5 adorable chickens to keep you entertained! 

Not only is Lauren a skilled pattern maker, she also has a fantastic blog (wearinghistoryblog.com) where she showcases her personal sewing projects and generously shares her years of research and study in various ways. She has tutorials for many different historic sewing techniques, as well as tutorials to help with specific Wearing History patterns. Lauren also frequently posts scans and text from her large collection of antique and vintage magazines — everything from 1913 style advice to free knitting and crotchet patterns! And if that wasn’t enough, she also shares in-depth construction details and information about extant garments from her antiques collection.

Photo courtesy Wearing History

You can find Wearing History’s paper patterns on their site, www.wearinghistory.clothing, and their larger selection of print-at-home e-patterns in their Etsy store, www.etsy.com/shop/wearinghistory .   

You can follow Wearing History on social media at:

Facebook — www.facebook.com/WearingHistory

Instagram — @WearingHistory

And Youtube!

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