Feature Friday: Romantic Recollections

Trimmings are often the most exciting and eye-catching part of an outfit, and this month’s featured business offers everything from patterns to kits to classes on a variety of techniques, perfect for your next project!


Ribbon embroidery workbag

Romantic Recollections specializes in historical embroidery and embellishment patterns and instructions, and for founder Denise Hendrick,

“[t]he thread that ties everything together…is being able to experiment with historical techniques and designs that are less common, and then translating that into a format I can share with others so they can also expand their own skills.”

While many of the designs are taken directly from extant examples or period publications, the techniques can easily be adapted for fantasy or cosplay projects as well.

Hannah Pocket

Her shop offers patterns for both machine and hand embroidery, in a range of skill levels. For example, if you are new to embroidery, you can try your hand at simple project like this 1718–20 Hannah Pocket, based on an extant piece in the V&A collection.

Snowshill Regency Gown

Or for more of a challenge, the pattern for the Snowshill Regency Gown would make a fantastic long-term project to practice and improve your embroidery skills.

Each pattern comes with a detailed PDF with historical notes, embroidery tips, and a stitch-guide based on the original piece.

18th century ribbon embroidery

If you want to try a different type of historical embroidery, Romantic Recollections just released an e-Book all about 18th century ribbon embroidery, with mix and match designs so you can create your own personalized accessories. Not only does the book feature patterns and instructions for the designs, but it also includes project ideas and resources to help inspire you!

Needle case

The shop also carries a kit for an 18th century ribbon embroidery needle case. It’s a great way to try your hand at a new technique without committing to a buying a bunch of new supplies.

Finally, Romantic Recollections also offers classes on more advanced embellishment techniques and coordinating supply kits in her shop. The classes begin with historical notes and overviews of the techniques and materials required, and then dive into how to re-create them at home. Both the 18th century Passementerie and the Millinery Flower Basics classes would be a great way to expand your needlework skills.

Denise also has a blog on her site with book reviews, embroidery inspiration, and overviews of various historical embellishment techniques.

You can find all the patterns and supplies at www.romanticrecollections.com

And you can find more information and inspiration on social media at:

Instagram — @romanticrecollections

And Facebook — www.facebook.com/RomanticRecollections

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