Feature Friday: LBCC Historical Apothecary

December’s featured business is perfect if you are looking for a little treat for yourself or someone else this winter. (Or any time of year, really!)

LBCC Historical Apothecary makes natural and organic apothecary and beauty products using original historical recipes. While there is nothing wrong with using modern makeup to create a historical look, or not wearing any makeup at all, sometimes it’s fun to step back in time to try products our historical counterparts might have used. Even better, the items in their shop can be used to create lovely modern looks as well!


LBCC Powder 

Whether you are looking for something to wear with a particular outfit, or just something new to try, LBCC carries a huge variety of cosmetics, skincare products, accessories, and more from the 18th century (and earlier) to the 1930s, all meticulously recreated from original sources. It’s clear from the detailed descriptions in the shop’s listings that Alicia, the proprietress, has done a significant amount of research for every item. Each listing describes the history of the type of product, the source of the recipe, as well as showcases the benefits of the individual ingredients. Even their packaging shows high-level attention to detail, and often features reproduced period labels that wouldn’t look out of place on an antique vanity.


 LBCC pomatum


Do you want to create the perfect 18th century look? You can find a 1772 liquid “rouge that exactly imitates nature,” perfumed or unscented hair powders, and quite a few pomatums or pomades, such as orange flower, in their store.


 LBCC Rouge


If vintage makeup is more your thing, they’ve recreated things like 1920s cake mascara and 1930s cold cream, both of which are perfect for everyday looks.


LBCC Cake Mascara


LBCC Cold Cream


This is just a small sample of the variety in their shop! You can find more powders, pomades, rogues, and creams from various different eras. They also have salves and herbal remedies, teas and candies, and even fun historic accessories, like brushes or little jars, to complete your toilette. Many of their products come in sample sizes, too, so you can try several different products before committing to a full size.  


If you want to learn more about historical cosmetics, LBCC has a great YouTube channel, featuring videos about the history of different products, makeup and hair tutorials, and even fun historic experiments!



You can find more products from LBCC Historical Apothecary in their Etsy store: www.litttlebits.etsy.com (with three t’s).

And you can find LBCC on social media at:

Instagram — @LBCCHistorical

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/LBCCHISTORICAL

Pinterest — https://www.pinterest.com/lbcchistorical/

And YouTube!

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