Feature Friday: House of Dario Princiotta

House of Dario Princiotta blends modern and historical design to create unique pieces that take corsetry to a whole other level. With sharply structured lines and bold, dramatic silhouettes, the work of this month’s feature is truly inspiring. The materials he uses are both lush and ethereal, and his Instagram is filled with dreamy photography to match. It’s a corset lover’s dream come true!

Italian couturier Dario Princiotta has been fascinated with historical costuming since he was young, and this fascination led him to try his hand at creating his own pieces.

Photos by @siluna.portraits

“I began designing and sewing garments around the age of 12,” he commented. “As a child I always loved to dress up. This passion literally grew with me while reading books and watching movies. One of my favourites is Il Gattopardo or The Leopard by Luchino Visconti.”

When asked what drives this creativity, Dario responded, “I always feel the urge to transform the images in my mind into something real using my hands. I simply have to fulfil this desire. Sometimes the idea for a gown or a corset haunts me for days, forcing me to think about how I can make it happen, and if I succeed, it feels like heaven.”

“I love the entire process,” he continued. “But mostly the final stages. The last steps are so satisfying when the creature is coming to life.”

But while he often creates variations on the same designs, each piece is unique. Dario doesn’t currently take commissions, instead he offers ready-made pieces on his Instagram that allow him to follow his creative vision.

Photo by @siluna.portraits

“My preference goes to projects that give me the opportunity to express my creativity without sacrificing any part of me,” he said.

He added, “I don’t have a favorite project so far. Frankly, I’m not sure if I’ll ever have a favorite one. Every project has its great and not so great aspects that help me growing as an artist and an artisan so that every piece is better than the previous. I’m grateful to old projects, but my perfectionism always drives me crazy, highlighting my past mistakes and forcing me to do my best to overcome them.”

You can find more of Dario’s work on his Instagram, @dario_princiotta, where you can keep up to date with his latest designs and new pieces!

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