Feature Friday: Dames a la Mode

When it comes to accessorizing yourself do you enjoy all things sparkly and all things historical? Then this month’s featured business is perfect for you! Dames a la Mode is the go-to place for all your jewelry needs, and while her designs are based on extant pieces and period images, they also blend beautifully into a modern wardrobe.

Taylor daffodils

Taylor, the woman behind Dames a la Mode, is a jewelry designer with a background in historical fashion, and she is known for her signature crystal collet necklaces and earrings in nearly every color you could ever want. But she has also used her knowledge and love of historical jewelry to create a variety of custom styles, like these gorgeous cluster pendants inspired by pieces from 1800–1830. The pendants coordinate with her necklaces, earrings, and bracelets so you can create your very own parure!

Cluster pendant necklace

Additionally, her shop features a beautiful range of pearl and stone jewelry, as well as specific recreations from the 15th century to the 20th century, with a major focus on 18th century and early 19th century styles. Some of her most popular pieces are direct reproductions inspired by period images, like this necklace worn by Elizabeth I, this 18th century turquoise choker, or this Edwardian pendant inspired by a John Singer Sargent painting.

Elizabethan necklace

18th century turquoise choker

Edwardian pendant

Taylor has a YouTube channel where she shows off new shop releases, talks in-depth about various historical jewelry styles, and shares her costume project-making adventures. Her videos are great not only for sewing inspiration, but also for showing how beautifully her collet necklaces sparkle and shine in real life.

This overview of Georgian jewelry is particularly fascinating if you are interested in learning more about what was popular in the period or just for accessory inspiration for your 18th century or Regency costumes.

She regularly releases themed collections, and her most recent spring floral collection, Jewels in Bloom, is absolutely perfect for this time of year! It features her custom-designed floral necklaces and earrings based on a poplar extant style.

Dames a la Mode also has a Patreon where you can get early access to new jewelry releases, regular coupon codes, and special Patreon-only designs: patreon.com/damesalamode

You can find so many more jewelry designs and accessories from Dames a la Mode on her website: www.damesalamode.com

And you can find her on social media where she regularly posts inspiration for both costumes and jewelry:

Instagram — @dames_a_la_mode

And Facebook — facebook.com/damesalamode


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