Custom Order Deposit Slots Open This Week!

We will be opening 12 custom order deposit slots this week. Purchase of a deposit listing puts you on our schedule, without having to stress about figuring out all the details of your order ahead of time. Easy for you, easy for us! These WILL sell out, so read on to find out how to get one.

Here’s how it works:

1. Purchase $100 up front deposit listing – now you’re on our schedule for a custom size/color/etc!

2. We contact you via email (in order of purchase) to talk details and finalize your order once we approach your place on our schedule.

3. We invoice you for the balance and make your order.

Patreon supporters will get the deposit link first at 4pm MDT (6pm EDT) Thursday, March 30.

Email subscribers will get the deposit link at 8am MDT (10am EDT) Friday, March 31st.

Deposit link will go live to the public/social media (if not sold out) on Friday afternoon.

If for some reason we cannot honor your request or you change your mind, all deposits are refundable before work begins. Coupon codes and other discounts are not valid for deposit purchases.

Additionally, we have some new parameters this time around. By purchasing a deposit listing, you agree to the following:

1. That you have some idea of what you want, or are ready to hear options and make decisions to move forward with your order promptly once we contact you (i.e. no "holding" a deposit slot for some unknown future project/time).

2. We reserve the right to cancel and refund your deposit order if we receive no response from you within a reasonable time (i.e. two weeks) once we reach out to begin your order, or if you fail to provide measurements, payment, style choice, or other necessary information needed to complete your order. We will give final warnings via email if this action becomes necessary.

Can you use my fabric? Yes, we are happy to use your provided fabric for your custom order, as long as we approve it.

Which listings are included? All Atelier and Custom Classic Corsets are included in this round of custom work. We are also open to discuss different styles and ideas beyond what we currently offer, within scope of our work. We will let you know honestly if we cannot meet your request.

How long will this take? This depends a whole lot on how quickly we get responses, fabric availability, whether your order includes a mockup, etc. While it is impossible to make promises given the variables, we hope to wrap this round of custom work up by July.

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