Costume College 2017 Recap -- Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Wig

"Costume College: a bunch of introverts fangirling at each other from across rooms. But in the best way."

WOW, So Costume College was almost two months ago now, and I'm just getting around to writing about it? What a slacker...

Costume College was delightful as always. And as always, I didn't take nearly enough photos. I was too buy running around between classes, teaching, events, and copious amounts of relaxation time. I've decided that "working vacation" is the best approach to Costume College for me. As an introvert who rarely deals with crowds, it can all be a little overwhelming. But I think I found a better balance this year! 

I arrived in LA a couple of days early, which allowed me to get a jump on the garment district. I sent home 50 yards of silk, but I wish I had bought more, because look at these prices: 

Amazing! Arriving early also meant that I got to spend a bit of time with my sister and explore more of the city. I stopped by FIDM to see their current exhibition:

Then it was time for Costume College itself.

What I wore:
I had attempted to complete a Barbarella costume, including clear worbla and a bunch of new techniques. Well, I didn't quite get it done, so I just wore what I had to the Friday Night Social, including a FABULOUS wig by Danielle Nicole. That wig was transformative: I felt like a different person, and others didn't recognize me. My father in law made the incredible space gun prop, which was a big hit. I had a great time running around in space boots, I was comfy, and then I found two more Barbarellas! You know, maybe blonds do have more fun...

Photo by Dames a la Mode. I'm on the left. No, I don't know what my face is doing. Just go with it.

I went low-key for the Gala this year. I wore the Dot Dress again, but this time I paired it with a wig borrowed from Modern Mantua Maker. Again--transformative! I am a wig convert now. So much easier than trying to style my own hair. 

I enjoyed being in a "smaller" and more comfortable gown this year. I was able to help others with their trains, move around, and dance like a fool. I even skipped the formal dinner, arriving fashionably late in time for the general admission. 

Other than that, I went modern/slightly vintage for the rest of the weekend. It was comfortable and low key. Delightful!


I taught a few classes this year. Thank you to everyone who attended and listened to me ramble! I think the highlights were the measurement class and the corset binding class, which I co-taught with Cathy Hay of Foundations Revealed

I also managed to attend more classes this year. Leimomi's lecture on Flappers was a stand-out, a was Jenny-Rose's class on curls (will come in handy for all of those wigs I want to style now).
But of course, one of the best parts about Costume College is seeing old friends and new, and their fabulous costumes. Here are some of my random phone snaps from the weekend:

That hair!

Hand painted silk. You guys thought my Worth gown was crazy...

I left late too, which meant some more time to explore Los Angeles. I happened upon the exhibit of Chagall's theatrical costumes and set designs at LACMA. That beautiful experience deserves its own post. 

And then, I spent my last night on a sailboat. 

Until next time, LA!

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