Classes at Costume College 2017!

Hi folks, I'm excited to announce that I will be teaching at Costume College for the very first time this year! Costume College is a 3-4 day annual conference held in Los Angeles in the summer. 

So what will I be teaching? While I had many requests for workshops, I decided to stick with unlimited attendance lectures/demos this year. These will be easier for me to accomplish for my first year teaching, and it means there are no limits on class sizes.

The Measure of a (Wo)Man
Cynthia Settje
Measurements are essential for costuming, but taking your own can be an impossible challenge. In this class, Cindy will lead you through proper measurement taking technique used in professional costume shops. After the demo, attendees will pair up to take measurements for each other. You will leave the class with a full measurement sheet (20+ measurements) which you can use for your own pattern drafting or bespoke orders. This is also a great way to make friends and break the ice!

Please wear attire that will not impede accurate measurements. Bring corsets if you'd like to have both natural and corseted measurements done.

Corset Binding, Fast and Slow Methods
Cathy Hay and Cynthia Settje
Your corset is almost finished – except for the *&$%ing binding, which is an exercise in frustration for so many of us. Cathy and Cindy team up to show you the counterintuitive secret to making it easy, how to get fabulous handsewn results around those curves and corners (even those tricky tabs on stays), AND how it’s done at speed by machine, with NO pinning, in a professional costume shop.

Get Up Off That Floor
Cynthia Settje
Tired of cutting on the floor? Inadequate setup is one of the biggest hindrances to productive sewing. In this lecture, Cindy draws on her years in professional costume shops and her experience running a business from a small home studio to show you clever ways to adapt professional shop features in your space, whether it's a whole room or just a corner. We'll cover pinnable cutting tables, cutting tips and tricks, ironing table hacks, ergonomic solutions, industrial machine features, pressing tools, organization, and much more. Bring your questions and sewing space challenges. 

Organizing Your Self-Drafted Patterns
Cynthia Settje
How many of us have misplaced or discarded a self-drafted pattern only to wish we had it years later? In this quick lecture we will cover how to establish a consistent pattern piece labeling system for your self drafted and traced pattern pieces so that you can refer to them later with ease. Then, we'll look at different methods for storing those patterns so that you can always find them quickly. Your future self will thank you! 



I hope to see you in one of my classes!


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