Coming Soon: 1860's Gored Corsets

UPDATE 11/25/16: 1860's corsets are now available

To say that Costume College was inspiring and informative would be an enormous understatement. I came back from the conference in August with a million new ideas for new styles and products. We've been working on new materials, new patterns, new much NEW for you! 

Our first brand new standard corset style will be an 1860's Gored Corset which features the authentic construction details that are often overlooked in reproductions of this period. Some of these include:

  • Body panels cut on the bias
  • Angled waist tape
  • Bust shaping achieved through gores only
  • Lower, rounded bust shape which leaves the bust in the natural position
  • Single hip gore
  • Angled "V" bones on either side of the back lacing

Here you can see our mockup fitting for this style. I made a few adjustments to the final pattern after this fitting. 

Redthreaded 1860's Corset Mockup

We will be opening up a pre-order for standard sizes in this style on Thanksgiving Weekend (November 25th). I hope to also include plus sizing soon after. Stay tuned, and be sure to sign up for our Newsletter at the bottom of this page. You all have been asking for this style for years, and now it's almost here.

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