A Dreamy Outdoor Photoshoot

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair."
—Khalil Gibran
This...year. We know. 

For just a moment, we invite you to forget your troubles and join us on a dreamy outdoor photoshoot, set in no specific place in time or space. We gathered up some of the powerful women from the local theatre scene, and went to play in the woods.

Remember the child within, who dreamed of castles and queens, of magical quests and secrets hidden in the trees. There is still beauty and creativity in the world. Even now.

Hear the breeze? Feel the golden sun?

Let's go. 

four women dressed in corsets and flowing robes walk near a stream in late afternoon autumn light
Many thanks to Tresha, Emily, Erin, and Anne, who did their own hair and makeup (because Coronavirus) and braved cold outdoor temps in corsets and chemises (because Colorado). Thanks also to Alyssa for assisting, Lauren, Anne, and Jenny-Rose for lending accessories, and to our photographer Jennifer Koskinen.

A note from Cynthia:
This has been a difficult year for making "content." It's been a year of tumult, of trying and failing, of reschedules, regulations, and isolation. It was so freeing to remove all "historically accurate" constraints and just make some pretty Mucha-inspired looks with pieces pulled from our stock. These women are all talented actors who are also braving the uncertainty of the future. I so appreciate this afternoon spent playing in the woods with them. To successfully put together a safe, four person photoshoot during Coronavirus seems like a triumph indeed.

To brighter days.

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