1910's Corsets are Back--Now in Mid Bust & Underbust

1910's Corset AdvertPart of the big style update for 2017 involved completely re-vamping the Titanic era corset. I originally patterned it as an overbust, because that tends to be easier for modern costumers to wear and deal with. However, I was never quite happy with where that bust line sat, and there were a few other things I wanted to change as well. The cording and lace was pretty, but was out of step with the rest of the standard corset line and added unnecessary cost.

So now, we have Titanic era corsets in TWO styles in both ready to ship and custom sizing options.

The overbust is now more of a mid-bust. It still provides bust support, but the top edge sits lower than before.

Redthreaded Mid Bust 1910s Corset

(yes, you CAN sit in this era!)

At long last we are offering a ready to ship 1910's underbust style for those who want the style that was more common in the period. Unless you're tiny, bust support will need to be provided from a separate bra, or "bust bodice" as they were sometimes called in the period. We don't sell these (yet?) but I'm hoping to do a post about them soon. I've also noticed that a modern bra will work pretty well--but shhh, don't tell the 100% authenticity folks!

We've also improved the plus sizing, adding 8+ bones to each style for better support.

There are still a number of the old overbust corsets in stock, on sale until they sell out.


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