Feature Friday: Custom Wig Company

Good hair is like the cherry on top of a great costume, but what if your own hair isn’t right for the look and an off-the-rack wig just won’t do? Enter this month’s feature! Custom Wig Company takes wig making to a whole new level, elevating it to true artistry! Each wig is built by hand for a bespoke-quality piece that not only reflects the individual but also perfectly complements their outfit.

Owner Heather Flemming explained in depth how this process works and how customer satisfaction is at the heart of the business’s mission. “When I say ‘custom wig’, I really mean it,” she explained. “Every piece we make is a completely handmade item, built from scratch in our studio in Louisville.”

“Our clients have the opportunity to provide us with research or inspiration images and to weigh in on things like color and style details. We send photos of the finished wig or facial hair to them so they can see how it looks and request any changes or adjustments before we ship. If we need to make adjustments after they’ve tried on the piece, we take care of that promptly. And we’re available whenever they have questions or if they need help using or caring for their pieces.”

And this commitment extends to every member of the Custom Wig Company team. “It’s important to me, and to the entire team, that our clients feel very comfortable throughout the entire process and that they know our priority is their satisfaction,” Heather added. “A custom wig is an investment and a lot of people who work with us have never had a wig made before, so we really want them to know that they can depend on us to bring their vision to life.”


Heather shared a bit more about how she discovered a love for creating in general and wig making specifically. Like many of us, crafting beautiful things has been a life-long passion. “I’ve always liked making ‘stuff’ and from an early age, I really connected with designing and making costumes and accessories,” she shared. “I had a great collection of vintage hats, dresses and yes, wigs, that I would convince my friends to dress up in when I was a kid. From there, I followed that love of costuming into theater, where I developed passion and skills in wig making and styling. I initially planned to pursue a career in costume crafts but I really connected with wigs my second year of grad school and that sealed the deal.”


“My favorite type of wig project has always been creating really detailed, ultra realistic wigs,” she added. “That’s probably due to my time in theatre, where the highest praise a wig designer could get was someone saying, ‘Oh, I didn’t see any wigs on stage, what did you do for the show?’ If you couldn’t tell they were wearing wigs, then I did my job right!”

Heather has carried that love of fine craftsmanship into her work for clients. “That’s still true today, for most of our client projects,” she continued. “I find that type of detailed work very satisfying. On the other extreme, I also really love working on large, dramatic wigs that are over the top, preferably in fun colors. But whatever the specifics of a project, the thing I enjoy most is someone putting on one of our wigs and saying, ‘Yes! This is exactly what I was hoping for!’”


You can find more about Custom Wig Company on their website, customwigcompany.com. There you can find examples of their gorgeous work, contact them with questions or ask about a quote or their flexible payment plans.

You can also find them on Facebook and on Instagram @custom_wig_co and follow them for more general wig inspiration and tips!

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