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CURVED Wooden Corset Busk - Redthreaded Exclusive

$ 18.00

These have a slight S-shaped curve, providing belly room and curving back out at the top bust edge. perfect for 1820s & 1830s, or anyone who wants a little bit shape to their Regency stays project. Did you know that many extant busks are curved?

These wooden corset busks are custom made by a local small batch manufacturer to our specifications to work with our corsets, patterns, and kits. Made from ash hardwood, these busks are 1.5" wide (3.75 cm) and 1/8" (3-4mm) thick. Choose from 12" or 14" length.  

 14" length fits our 1830s stays and pattern. 12" length is good if you're short waisted and need to shorten the pattern.

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