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Jane Austen Festival Prep is in Full Swing!

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This is not a drill. We have LESS THAN SIX WEEKS. Can you believe it? I mean, how is it June? What happened? It's still March, right?

Nope, 2018 is flying along and here we are with less than six weeks left until the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. Redthreaded will be vending again, which means we are up to our eyeballs in Regency Stays. Allison has been setting bust gussets by the score. Tis the season!

I have been trying to figure out what to make for myself to wear this year. While I could wear the same ol' gowns from last year, it is fun to have something new. I have a lovely exclusive print from Burnley & Trowbridge which would be perfect for something like this:

Kent State Museum, Cotton Print Dress 1808-1812
Kent State Museum, Cotton Print Dress 1808-1812

I am not sure when I will find the time to make something, though. I may need to do another "dress in a day" challenge for myself this year. 

If you're also scrambling to prep for Regency events this summer, remember we have Long Stays and Short Stays in stock and ready to ship. We make them so you don't have to if you don't want to!

Our Transitional Stays work up through about 1800, and 1830's Stays can work for later 1820's looks as well.

And for all of you DIYers out there, remember we have patterns and kits for Regency stays.

Going back to the topic of Jane Austen Festival, we were so happy with the reception of our commemorative engraved busks and ornaments last year that we have decided to do another round this year. This year's Festival theme is the novel Persuasion, so our designer Jennifer Thompson took inspiration from nautical themes seen in extant busks. This year's design is more of a sweetheart love token. I just picked them up from our non-profit manufacturer today. Aren't they lovely?

These busks and ornaments will only be available at Jane Austen Festival, but we will list any leftovers on the website afterwards.

Hope to see you at our tent in Kentucky, and may we all survive the heat! ;) 

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